Cathedral Museum

The Museum began to develop from 1986 with the aim of protecting, enhancing and making known the artistic treasures of the parish church of Santi Prosdocimo and Donato and other churches in the area.
The works kept inside the Museum are of different nature: painting, sculpture, applied arts; all fundamental for their artistic or historical value. First of all the grandiose “Supper at Emmaus”, a masterpiece dated 1537 by Jacopo Bassano, and the “Lamentation over the Dead Christ”, attributed to Andrea da Murano, from the end of the 15th century. At the entrance to welcome visitors there is an ancient statue of Sant’Antonio Abate, which dates back to between 1300 and 1400, which reveals who the first sacred building in the walled city was dedicated to. Following are paintings, statues, sacred objects and liturgical vestments that tell us the history and faith of a community.

Piazza del Sagrato n.1 – 35013 Cittadella (Pd)

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