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Goodmorning everyone!
My name is Lisa and I’m here to present you a special place, rich in history and charm: Cittadella.
The photos you will see behind me will illustrate my story.
The first sensation that you have to visit Cittadella is to return to the Middle Ages.
The city is in fact characterized by heavy walls built in 1220, 15 meters high and by a moat that surrounds the whole city.
Above the walls there is still the ancient walkway that is completely passable thanks to the restoration work completed in June 2013.
The walkway once served the guards to spot any enemies.
Now it is a beautiful walk that allows the visitor to admire the city from above and the 360 ​​degree panorama.
The walkway follows an elliptical shape, is almost 2 km long and is the longest and best preserved route in Europe.
The visit to the walkway starts from Porta Bassano where there is the Casa del Capitano. Here you can see armor, scale models of the castle and various medieval weapons.
Halfway along the route you can visit the Tower of Malta where there is the prison named by Dante in the Divine Comedy.
From here you can admire the landscape from a height of 30 meters and you can visit the Archaeological Museum and the Siege Museum.
After visiting the walls, I can accompany you along the streets of the historic center to discover together the Teatro Sociale, a real jewel frescoed by the same artist from the Fenice in Venice, the Duomo, which houses Jacopo Bassano’s canvas “La Cena di Emmaus” “, The elegant Palazzo Pretorio, Renaissance residence of the podestà of Cittadella, richly frescoed
Finally I suggest you to admire the beauty of the villas of Cittadellese with their historical parks, centuries-old plants and architectural elegance: Villa Bolzonella, Villa Cà Tron Kofler, Villa Gallarati Scotti, Villa Imperiale, Villa Contarini.
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Thank you for your attention, I look forward to seeing you!