Twin towns

The twinning agreement signed in Washington in July 2006 and the exchange of young people with the sister cities – Nova Prata in Brazil and Noblesville in the United States, brought the citizens of Nova Prata, Brazil for the first time on 19 July 2007 .
Later, other Cittadella students visited the US town of Noblesville in 2009.
There they were able to learn about the hospitality of families and a different reality than ours, with a view to creating increasingly broad international relations.
In 2010, another three young Cittadella students had the chance to visit the Brazilian sister and learn about stories of emigration in a reality that still wants to strongly maintain the bond with the land of origin.
Cittadella in July 2011 welcomed visiting Brazilian and American friends.
The twinning from 13 to 23 July 2012 once again saw our citizens from the United States traveling.
In the following years the commitment to introduce new cultures and new friendships and create new opportunities for the best students of Cittadella continued: in 2013 in Nova Prata in Brazil, in 2014 we welcomed the Brazilian and US delegations to Cittadella again.
In 2015 our young citizens left for the United States and in 2016 for Brazil.
2017 was a special year: we celebrated 10 years of twinning between Cittadella, Nova Prata and Noblesville … Ten years of cultural exchanges, designed especially for young people. The Twinning is designed precisely for students, for growth in the perspective of sharing and exchange between different cultures and to increase social and economic relations between the different communities.
In 2018 and 2019 the exchanges took place respectively in the United States and in Brazil. In Nova Prata, Italian students have traveled through time that brought them together with the Venetians who in the past generations left Italy to find fortune in South America.
2020 is a very important year, especially for Cittadella, because it is the anniversary of the foundation of the Medieval Walls, which turn 800 years old!
Just in 2020 the Twinning takes place in Cittadella, where Brazilian and US students can visit the walled city, and the beauties of the Veneto, as well as strengthen friendship and cultural exchange with the Italian families that host them. There is no lack of official delegation meetings at the Municipality of Cittadella and the Veneto Region, in addition to visits to the most important companies of the Citadel.

We wish all young people good exchanges in the future!

Here are some photographs that recall the days of visits during the twinning in the most important cities of our region. The Tourist Office has supported and collaborated in the organization and visits of the participants.