October Franca Fair

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October Franca Fair

The “Fiera Franca di Cittadella” is one of the most important yearly events in Cittadella and takes place from Saturday to Monday on the fourth weekend of October.
It always lasted three days and during these days thousands and thousands of visitors from the entire Province came to Cittadella and the same still happens today.
There are stalls selling local fresh produce, local crafts and lots of stands selling food and drink around the old town.
There is a fairground for children and teenagers near the sports centre.
In the industrial area there is a big cattle market. Until a few years ago the cattle market used to take place in the area between the moat and the old wall (today this is now used for parking!)
On the last evening of the fair to conclude is a light show on the wall accompanied by music and fireworks. This attracts many residence, visitors and tourists who wouldn’t want to miss the “setting on fire” of the walls.
The fair has ancient origins. It dates back to 1231 when Padua decided to give the privileges of the market from the nearby Onara to Cittadella. Venice, who at that time dominated in the area, also acknowledged these privileges given to Cittadella by stating that there would be no duties to pay for anyone entering or leaving the fair.
With a special proclamation in 1593 different goods were assigned to specific areas in the old town, that is to say that in each area of the old town specific animals or agricultural products were to be sold.